Top 10 favorite Roblox songs May 2017

Hi everyone, from now on we will list most favorite songs in each month. We create this list from our statistic data on the website

Following is the list of top 10 songs in May 2017:

Ear Exploder 9000 is the most favorite song in May. This song is really funny. I tricked my brother to open it with maximum volume at the mid night and the result was that one of our neighbours had called the police to come.

Code: 206855673

Number 2: XXXTentacion – Look At Me

XXXTentacion had created a incredible addictive song. I have repeat playing it so many times. So I do not surprise when there are so many people love it like that.

Code: 440394813

Number 3: XXXTentacion – Rip roach

Another song from XXXTentacion. Yes, I also love his work as you are.

Code: 497149432

Number 4: Twenty one pilots: Heathens

This song is a famous hit on Youtube with more than 600 millions views. However, I don’t like it that much. How do you think?

Code: 438917260

Number 5: Toad – Milk and Cookies

OMG I love this funny song so much! I cannot stop laughing when see the VOD on Youtube. So happy when see that many people like it too!

Code: 397820440

The remaining most favorited songs are:

  • Number 6: Thomas the Tank Engine ft. Donald Trump
  • Number 7: Major Lazer – Cold Water (feat. Justin Bieber & MØ)
  • Number 8: Shawn Mendes – Mercy
  • Number 9: GTA San Andreas Opening Earrape Edition
  • Number 10: Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars