Top 10 favorite Roblox songs June 2017

Hi guys, today I happy to tell you the most favorite songs in June. Most of them are the old, but there are some new songs in this list.

Number 1: Ear Exploder 9000

Hmm, I don’t think this song is soooo addictive like that. Now I can see many of my friends love it too. However, I don’t think torturing my ear is a good thing to do everyday.

Code: 206855673

Number 2: Thomas the Tank Engine ft. Donald Trump

Trump is the most controversial President we have. I just find this song is so funny. Maybe our Mr. President will very happy when knowing a song about him is played by so many Robloxians.

Code: 488472970

Number 3: XXXTentacion – Rip roach

This song is stay at the same position in last month list. I can only say: XXXTentacion is still the Roblox players’s favorite singer.

Code: 497149432

Number 4: XXXTentacion – Look At Me

XXXTentacion is the Roblox players’s favorite singer. Yes, now you know why I said that.

Code: 440394813

Number 5: Twenty one pilots: Heathens

This song is still climbing fast on Youtube leaderboard. However, it is just stand at #5. What do you think?

Code: 438917260

And finally, the other songs are:

  • Number 6: Loud Music – You can try it with the code: 482385459
  • Number 7: Major Lazer – Cold Water (feat. Justin Bieber & MØ)
  • Number 8: GTA San Andreas Opening Earrape Edition
  • Number 9: Toad – Milk and Cookies
  • Number 10: Travis Scott – goosebumps ft. Kendrick Lamar

What is your favorite song? Please let us know by commenting below 🙂